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Casino Play2Win Responsible Gambling

The best online casinos are those that make their players feel at home, provide them with an exciting selection of games, and protect them from fraud and illicit activities. We promote safe gambling here at Casino Play2Win in several different ways. We not only put policies and procedures into place to protect you, but we also provide you with information so that you can protect yourself. Empowered customers are happy customers, and that is exactly what we strive for. We are committed to ending underage gambling, compulsive gambling and gambling addiction. We have also provided resources so that our customers can learn more about gambling and make more informed decisions of their own.

We understand the dangers of underage gambling and have therefore put procedures into place to prevent it from occurring. However, despite our best efforts to verify our customers, parents and guardians still have things they can do to make sure that their children are not participating in unlawful gambling practices. Internet content filters are a great start because they can filter out websites based upon keywords and content; you can essentially block your child's access to blackjack and other games. On our end, we may ask our customers to fax copies of identification and other information in order to ensure that they are of legal gambling age in their jurisdictions.

More and more Americans are concerned with gambling addiction and compulsive gambling, and rightfully so. If you or someone close to you is concerned about your gambling behavior, or if you believe someone close to you has a gambling problem, we recommend taking a six-day cooling off period or even a six-month exclusion period to evaluate the problem. During this time, we can restrict access to designated accounts and stop sending you promotional emails. If you elect to take the six-month exclusion, your account will be permanently locked. You can contact customer service once the six months have elapsed to re-open your account, if you so choose. Finally, we make all decisions regarding whether or not any deposits or winnings should be returned to you in the event that you choose exclusion.