List of Diverse Video Poker Types to Play

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Being a virtual version of the famous card game poker, video poker has become an option that numerous players have taken a fancy to for years. It remains to be a strong option for those who want to have a great time alone and in front of a machine or an online version, where you would still have higher chances of winning with its significantly lower and more bearable house edge. In fact, one with topnotch skills could even greatly decrease the house edge even more with the right decisions, making it an even more renowned option for those who really want to make a killing out of this supreme betting option.

At Casino Play2Win, there are huge varieties of this game in our contemporary time. There are best video poker games that could leave you with more chances of winning, but of course, before you turn your attention to the specifics of those types or variants of the game, it is best that you understand what the game is all about first. Remember that one of the best ways to solidify your video poker strategy is to have firmer knowledge about odds, hand values, rules and more, as they are all factors that could affect the decision that you'll make when betting.

How To Play Video Poker

There may be endless options for this kind of game today to the point where you may find yourself daunted and confused as to what you should do with our casino promotion. However, there's simply nothing to worry about because despite their differences, these variants more often than not, works the same under the hood. This is why understanding the basics and having more confidence regarding it, would allow you to have better video poker strategy that would allow you to win.

When playing this game, a deck containing 52 standard cards is used virtually. You just have to pick your betting amount which could depend from one machine to another, and after you've done that, the game would proceed to the dealing of the cards. Cards would be randomly generated in front of you and the five cards you'll get is your hand. You could end up discarding some cards in order to fill it up again with randomly generated cards if you wish to get a better hand. Typically, games in this department have hand rankings posted on the screen and the amount you'll get for each hand would also greatly vary from one machine to another.

Jacks or Better

When you pick a variant of the game, it is best that you take a look at the payout rate of the variant before you make any decision of whether to proceed with a game or not. The payout rate directly relates to how great of a chance you have in winning every round. This makes it even more important to go for those with higher payouts. Jacks or better is one of those games with a higher payout than the rest of the options out there but, it's also the simplest. It is basically the most typical pokies you could ever play, with the lowest hand being jack cards or even better.

Aces and Faces

Another high payout rate game variety that you would also wish to play is the Aces and Faces variant. This is also like the Jacks or Better game since essentially, it works the same under the hood. What it would differ in, however, are payments and card hands. In the game, a Royal flush remains to be the most valuable hand possible and this is followed by a hand containing all Aces. Afterwards, the next valuable hand is the straight flush followed by a four-of-a-kind combination containing aces and faces. The other hands below are already quite familiar to many and this makes the game simple to learn and understand so you can get into action right away.

Progressive Video Poker

It isn't surprising if this would be the first time you'll hear of this but, it's basically one of the best video poker game you could potentially opt for today. Not many web-based waging sites would be providing this kind of option but with a bit of search, you'll surely be able to find one that would fit right into your criteria. When you find this kind of video pokies, you can rest assured that you'll have one of the best possible experience in your waging career. You'll be presented with the big opportunity of playing video pokies topped with jackpot prize that could end up becoming millions if there are no players who'll win the jackpot for a long time.