How iSlots is Revolutionizing the Slots Industry

casinoplay2win reel crime slot

Back in the days, slots only have one task and that's to generate the random symbols that would show up in the reels once the bet is placed and the lever is pulled physically or virtually by the player. The passing of time along with technological innovations brought forth numerous changes to this otherwise simple gaming category. Today, there would be flocks of game options, able to provide more astounding themes, plots, animations and more, which will be more than enough for players to become more immersed the more they play the game through the internet. Still, out of all the options that you could opt for, the one that appeals the most to contemporary players and the most are the iSlots served by none other than Rival Gaming. This casino slot type is deemed as the best online slots by many. It's one of the new slot games you could find today and it is something that goes way beyond the premise of your ordinary machines.

The Revolutionary iSlots

This is one of the new slots game evolution that is slowly dominating the market in the background. In the meantime, Rival is the brand most dominant in this category, due to them being the first ones to delve into this path and offer titles that many people would surely find extremely fun to play. There are certain advantages in playing slots, including regular USA promotions and the following:

Immersive and Interactive Story

The theme of the game, no matter how epic, have always been something constant throughout the game. It could be a game based on fantasy topics, a medieval game, a game based on myths and so on but after the symbols and the background, that's all there is to it. iSlots are different in a way that they provide a platform that's more interactive and engaging. The symbols you land on the reels and the way you interact with the reels could open up an entirely new path of a story for you to indulge in. This kind of gaming path is something that would make you reminisce of video games as you play and wage in this machine and without a doubt, you'll end up becoming more engaged when playing titles under this category.

Animation and Continuity

What will keep you hooked to the game titles is the fact that there are animations and even video clips presented on this kind of online casino slots today. There could also be some bonus games that have an entirely different rule, which is more often than not, related to the story of the game. These elements allow you to construct an experience that's unique every time you play with the machine. Not to mention, those under this category find themselves in sequels, which further solidifies the concept of a storyline - something that not just any games in the waging industry could offer today.

Some Best ISlots Options For Bettors

Cosmic Quest

If you are looking for an otherworldly experience that will take you out into space and let you bask in the beauty of the vast void expanse, the stars and other heavenly bodies, Cosmic Quest from Rival casino software is certainly the game for you. This game will introduce you to a whole new adventure into the galactic setup where you'll find yourself with different pilots and in different planets across the galaxy and the Universe. There's even a Cosmic Quest 2 game, ready to widen your horizons even further.

Reel Crime

This game also comes with two instalments namely, the Reel Crime 1 and the Reel Crime 2. It's simply one of the best casino slots today, with its stunning plot that fits right into the waging industry. As what the name may suggest, you'll be in a crime-related story in this game where you'll be the thief. Your mission is quite simple and something to be expected already - steal from the bank and get as much as you can without ending up in jail. While you're doing the heist, there's a huge chance for you to bring home more enormous prizes with special symbols that will make each of your spin more worth it than the previous ones. The first instalment would put you in a bank heist but the second one would have its premise within an Art Heist.


Although some people out there may not find this stories to be their cup of tea, it's a refreshing option for those who are looking for a fresh breath of air from all the fast-paced action slots are known for. With this kind of game, you could have ample time relaxing, revelling on the game's story and at the same time, earn money just like any other machines on the internet.